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What is Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release is a precise and gentle technique to release stress-related tension. The method was developed and researched in South Africa in the 1980s and is constantly being further developed.

Body Stress Release focuses on releasing tension in the body. So that it can return to its normal, balanced state of tension.

The goal is to normalise the muscle tone in the body so that the body can function optimally and pain-free.


For questions or to make an appointment: 076 746 44 94 


BSR, Body Stress Release

The Technique

Body Stress Release is suitable for everybody and all ages: babies, children, adults, seniors. Body Stress Release is also a safe method during pregnancy. Most  clients are overwhelmed that such a gentle method can reduce or eliminate their discomfort and symptoms caused by tension usually in a short time.

The client lies fully clothed on the bed, first on his/her stomach, later on his/her back. The practitioner then locates the tension through a series of tests guided by the body's feedback system: during light pressure tests along the spine and other points on the body, a reflex muscle response is observed. In a second step, gentle, targeted pressure impulses cause the body to let go of tension. The body is supported in its natural desire to function smoothly and without tension. We reactivate the self-healing powers.

If the tension has only recently developed, it will usually resolve much quicker than those that have built up over a longer period of time.

Body Stress Release is a process that can take different amounts of time. Muscles slowly give way in their protective function, each body needs its own individual time.

Duration: In the usual procedure, the client has 3 sessions to start with. The first one on day 1, the second one on day 4 and the third one on day 11. For example, if you start on a Monday, you come to the second appointment on Thursday and then the week after again on Thursday. The second appointment should therefore be close after the first appointment, because this way we can follow the first reactions to Body Stress Release closely. After the first 3 appointments, we discuss together how BSR has helped you so far, whether you need more appointments and at what intervals - many clients continue to come at regular intervals of about 1 month as a maintenance measure.

Body Stress Release is a complementary, i.e. supplementary method and does not replace necessary medical examinations and treatments. With Body Stress Release, no diagnoses are made and no specific clinical conditions or complaints are treated. BSR focuses on locating and releasing excessive tension and stress.


BSR, Body Stress Release
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