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I had my first Body Stress Release (BSR) session in November 2016 during my 3-month stay in South Africa. I will never forget this day, because it has changed my life forever.


Already after the first BSR session I felt that a lot of tension in my body had been released. I felt an incredibly comfortable lightness, both physically and emotionally. My enthusiasm about the newly discovered technique was so big that I immediately booked 2 treatments a week. Up until then, back and neck pain had been my daily companions. I had put a lot of strain on my body during the three previous years as a full-time kiteboard and stand up paddle instructor. I had fused lumbar vertebrae as a result of disc degeneration from snowboarding when I was young. The hard impact that my back had to endure during many years of wakeboarding were also stressful for my body. In addition, there were phases during my studies and during 14 years as a product manager for large companies, in which I neglected regular exercise, sport and the care of my physical and mental health.


After my third BSR session, it was clear to me that I wanted to learn this method myself so that I could practice it in Central Switzerland. In autumn 2017 I completed the  full-time Body Stress Release Practitioner training in South Africa. After the studies at the Body Stress Release Academy, I was able to gain valuable experience in a BSR practice in the Western Cape, South Africa, for two months. After almost four years abroad, with stays in Portugal, Cape Verde, Egypt, Sicily, Brazil, Maldives and South Africa, I returned back to Switzerland in 2018.


Since the beginning of 2018 I have a beautiful practice room in the center of Zug (right next to the train station). I am happy to give you support on your way to a stress- and pain-free life. I love my job and I look forward to meeting you soon.

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