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Body Stress Release Practice
at the main station in Zug
Alpenstrasse 16
6300 Zug
076 746 44 94

Body Stress Release (BSR) is for everyone, and assists with a whole variety of pain, discomforts and ailments like:
back pain, neck tension, injuries, headache, migraine, frozen shoulder, fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, fertility challenges, menstruation problems, menopausal challenges, frequent bladder infections, digestive issues, constipation, stress and many more.

For more information or an appointment:

076 746 44 94 or

Body Stress Releae

I experienced at my own body what it means to be in constant pain. The good news is: You can do something about it. 
My vocation is to help you become pain and stress free. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon. Get in touch with me today.

076 746 44 94 or

The practice is closed at the moment

Are your neck and shoulders tense?

Does your back hurt?

Do you feel a tingling in your fingers or toes?


Body Stress Release (BSR) is a gentle, very effective method to relieve tension in the muscles even in the deepest layers. It helps to improve the flow of information in your body and activates the body's innate self-healing.


Body Stress Release – a small step with a huge effect on your wellbeing.

For questions or to make an appointment:

076 746 44 94 or

Body Stress Release bei Rückenschmerzen

Contact us

I am happy to answer your questions and explain to you how I can help you. Please contact me:
076 746 44 94 or

You find me at the main station

Alpenstrasse 16

6300 train

076 746 44 94

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Body Stress Release bei Rückenschmerzen
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